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Protect your future with
Gftd security

Gftd Security provides a set of tools and measures that helps every company to be secure

Cyber crime of 2023

$1.7 Billion

Stolen from Web3 companies

$1.1 Billion

Ransomware payments

$836 Million

Thefts of a companies' private keys

Ransomware payments in 2023 are the highest ever observed

Minimize your risks with Gftd Security

Our Robust Security Services Tailored for Your Needs

Assessment Tool

Estimate your сybersecurity risks and areas for improvement with our free assessment tool. It simple and uses a new international framework NIST CSF 2.0. You can use it anytime and we support you on the way.
This is the easiest way to secure your company!

Security Policy and Training

Develop tailored cybersecurity guidelines that align with your business's specific needs and the dynamic threat landscape. Enhance stuff's skills and security awareness by our training.

CCSS Audit

Thorough audits based on the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) to help bolster your security measures and ensure compliance with industry standards.
Increase trust from your partners and clients!

Incident Response

Deploy our incident response team for planning security incidents, ensuring minimal damage and quick recovery. Leverage Chainalysis Reactor for in-depth crypto investigations and forensic reports, aiding in dissecting events and formulating future preventive strategies.

Our team

Entrust security to professionals and be sure that your project is protected from vulnerabilities and loss of funds

Jun Kawasaki

Jun Kawasaki

CEO and Founder

Vision leader
Web3 security and blockchain specialist

Artem Ponomarov

Artem Ponomarov, PhD


Business Lead
Cybersecurity expert on standards, audits and investigations

What do our clients say?

"After our systems were compromised, CISO Artem was a true lifesaver. Right from the start, his analysis was not just fast but incredibly accurate, giving us clarity and hope. The dedication to helping us recover our lost funds was evident and truly appreciated. In such a difficult period for us, having Artem and his forensics team by our side was a game-changer.
We're more than thankful for such a reliable partnership."
Сlient from Tokyo, who wished to remain anonymous


Do you provide technical architecture consulting or software testing?

 Yes, Gftd Japan advises clients on designing robust systems, ensuring scalability, and optimizing performance while maintaining the highest security standards. We provide software testing in line with international comprehensive software testing standards ISO/IEC/IEEE29119.

Do you investigate financial crimes and help recover stolen funds?

Yes, our forensics department helps victims of hacks and scams to investigate financial crimes. We conduct interviews, explain possible solutions and provide incident reports for our clients.

Do you conduct a company security audit?

We offer CCSS security audits for companies and provide expert guidance on achieving compliance. For more information, please contact to us.