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About Gftd Security

We make cybersecurity easy for everyone


Our Approach

Comprising certified specialists in cybersecurity and cryptocurrency, our team offers years of proven expertise to deliver trusted solutions in the digital asset landscape.


Our Vision

We aim to establish cybersecurity standards, provide transparency and educate people on how to be secure.
Feeling secure is the key to well-being.

Our team

Jun Kawasaki

Jun Kawasaki

CEO and Founder

Investigated a $400 Million NEM hack at Coincheck exchange. Serve as a security advisor and leader of listed companies, non-profit corporations, etc. Director of a high IQ company support group.

Artem Ponomarov

Artem Ponomarov, PhD


Has more than 4 years of experience in Web3 and cybersecurity.
Built crypto AML compliance solutions and managed smartcontract audits.
Investigated 20+ crypto crimes and published 15+ peer-reviewed articles.


 Akira Saito

Investigation Advisor

With a rich 35-year career, notably served as a detective in the Saitama Prefectural Police Department, handling complex financial and cyber crime cases. Later a crisis management consultant, now extending his investigative and regulatory expertise to our operations, ensuring robust incident response strategies.


We encourage you to permanent cooperation

Gftd Security advises and consults with cybersecurity professionals. We always rely on internationally proven standards to implement a custom approach to your inquiry. Each solution is individually tailored to your intentions and goals you want to achieve with our help.

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